Research Staff

Dr hab Janusz KarkowskiProf. dr. hab., researcher in the Research Center for Mediterranean Archaeology PAS since 1975.


Specialization and research interests:

Archaeology of Pharaonic Egypt, especially architecture and decoration of the temples from the New Kingdom period; temple texts from the Old to New Kingdom period; Egyptian literature.


Academic activity:

Between 1971-1989 a member of a restoration mission in the Hatshepsut temple at Deir el-Bahari, Egypt (the head of an epigraphic group), where he has been leading an epigraphic mission since 1989. Since 1992, as a member of the mission he has been working on the documentation of the Hathor chapel in Deir el-Bahari together with Dr. Natalie Beaux. As a member of the research conducted by the Centre Franco-Egyptien d’Etude des Temples de Karnak (CFEETK) he is preparing a monograph on the Hatshepsut chapel in the Amon temple in Karnak. Since 2000 he has been cooperating with the Epigraphic Expedition of the University of Memphis, Tennessee, recording fragmentary blocks of The Great Hypostyle Hall of the Temple of Karnak. He is also a member of International Society for Nubian Studies and International Association of Egyptologists.



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