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Serdecznie zapraszamy do udziału w Seminarium Archeologicznym IKŚIO PAN, w ramach którego

dr Emilia Smagur, adjunkt na Wydziale Archologii UW zaprezentuje wykład pt.

"From coin to ornament: a cultural response to the influx of Roman coins to India"

Spotkanie odbędzie się 8 czerwca w godzinach 14.30-16.00 się za pośrednictwem platformy MS Teams.

Osoby zainteresowane uczestnictwem prosimy o maila na adres: w celu pobrania linku do wydarzenia.



From coin to ornament: a cultural response to the influx of Roman coins to India

On the territory of the Indian subcontinent Roman coins and their imitations from every period were looped or pierced for suspension or to be stitched onto clothing. Such use of coins is not unique to India: coins in jewellery are common to many cultures and Roman coins were frequently incorporated into display both within and outside the Empire. However, the symbolic meaning of such a decoration might have varied according to the context in which it was created, used, and deposited. In my paper I will approach the problem of this very function of Roman coins in India and discuss the meanings they might have adopted, depending on the economic, social, religious, or magical context they were used in. The presentation will also cover the practice of making coin-related objects, including the study of bullae, bracteates, and medallions. This will allow to shed a light on the relationship between people and coins, the multiplicity of values these objects might have acquired, as well as on all the dynamics associated with the object agency.

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