Conference program

Conference Paper Abstracts

Ist edition entitled


Between Tradition and Modernity


1.    An Egyptian Mosque of the Latest Times in Egypt, Europe, Asia, and America

       - prof. Swietłana Czerwonnaja 

2.    Picturesque Egyptian cinema (based on film adaptations)

       - prof. Ewa Machut-Mendecka

3.    Queen`s marriage with god

       - prof. Karol Myśliwiec

4.    The beginning of Druze movement (XIth century) based on the Muslim chronicles

       - prof. Katarzyna Pachniak

5.    Egypt in accounts of Herodotus of Halicarnassus

       - prof. UŚ Anna Kucz i Edyta Gryksa, Ph.D.

6.   The Major Five – Study of the beginnings of western classical music in Egypt

       - Agnieszka Marucha, post-doctoral degree

7.    Past and present in Dālīā Basyūnī’s theatre play entitled Sūlītīr (Solitaire)

       - Sebastian Gadomski, Ph.D.

8.    Sad fate of Egyptian temples on the example of Theban buildings of Queen Hatshepsut

       - Jadwiga Iwaszczuk, Ph.D.

9.    Egypt yesterday and today in Yūsuf Zaydān’s novels

       - Magdalena Kubarek, Ph.D.

10.  Ar-Riḥla in the service of An-Nahḍa. Kitāb taẖlīṣ al-ibrīz fī talẖīṣ Bārīz Rifāʻa aṭ-Ṭahṭāwī

       - Magdalena Lewicka, Ph.D.

11.  Relations between Poland and Egypt in a historical perspective. The first 25 years.

       - Michał Lipa, Ph.D.

12. The house of the family Qurashi and its equipment (19th-1st half of 20th century, Old Qasr Town in Dakhla Oasis)

      - Anetta Łyzwa-Piber, Ph.D.

13.  Traditional and modern narrative strategies in autobiographical works by Raḍwā ʿĀšūr

      - Adrianna Maśko, Ph.D.

14.  "A Very Egyptian Thinker". Naṣr Ḥāmid Abū Zayd (1943–2010) and His Approach to the Concept of Historicity (tā’rīkhiyya)

       - Michał Moch, Ph.D.

15.  Between Admiration and Contempt – Annalistic Descriptions of Egyptians from the Time of Conquest

       - Magdalena Pinker, Ph.D.

16.  Ancient and modern Egyptian traditions of preparing a bread

       - Teodozja Rzeuska, Ph.D.

17.  Methods of revolution and forms of power in Egypt 2012

       - Mohammed Algaim, MA

18. Multidimensional aspects of Coptic Identity against the background of undergoing transformations in Egypt in 20th and 21st centuries

      - Małgorzata Al-Shahari, MA

19.  Do schools in Egypt ensure a relevant environment for student's learning and development? Analysis of the data from international comparative assessments of students’ achievement and Egyptian education policies

      - Małgorzata Davies, MA

20.  Why Egypt ended up in Cleopatra? - the presence of Egypt in pop culture

       - Malwina Wojtala, MA

21.  „We`re the sons of the Pharaohs and we`re proud to be Egyptians” – Taking pride in history as a crucial element of shaping Egyptians’ identity on the basis of selected songs and video clips from 2011-2016

       - Edyta Wolny, MA

22.  Arabic personal names of geographical origin, belonging to authors and copyists of manuscripts in Dār al-Kutub al-Miṣriyyat

      - Bogusław R. Zagórski, MA

23.  Inspirations of Egyptian art in sculpture of first half of XX century

       - Agnieszka Żuber, BA

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