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Dr. Olga Linkiewicz, the Head of the Project, announces recruitment for funded research in the academic exchange programme PROM. The funds will be granted for the participants’ stay at an academic institution abroad.

Project number: PPI/PRO/2019/1/00046

Duration of the project: Oct. 2019 – Sep. 2020

Participants: PhD students of Anthropos Doctoral School IPAS and PhD students of the Institute of History PAS

Number of participants: 10

Objective of work at the foreign institution:

– to compile material for a doctoral dissertation and/or scientific paper,

– additionally: to conduct archive search (for PhD students in history and related sciences it equals gathering material for a doctoral dissertation),

– additionally: participation in a seminar or consultations with researchers in the hosting institution,

– additionally: other short forms of training expanding the competence of the participants of the Project.

Costs covered from the Project funds: costs of living and travel.

Length of stay: 30 days

Time of stay: between 1st Jan. 2020 and 30th Sept. 2020

The research visit can be made to the following institutions: Centre de Recherches Historiques, École des hautes études en sciences sociales (EHESS) in Paris, Leibniz-Institut für Geschichte und Kultur des östlichen Europa (GWZO) in Lepzig, Faculty of History at Oxford University, Faculty of History at Columbia University in New York, Faculty of Humanities at the Ukrainian Catholic University, Institute of Slavic Studies in Greifswald, Institute of Slavic Studies at the Faculty of Philology of the University in Leipzig, Institute of the History of Art and Visual Arts at Humboldt University in Berlin, Institute of Art at Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich and other institutions accepted by the Principal Investigator.

Application documents:

– application form,
– CV presenting scientific achievements,
– confirmation from the Institution which will host the PhD student (scan),
– schedule of work with all planned types of actions with reasons for undertaking these actions and expected results,
– PhD thesis advisor’s written opinion of the candidate.

The documents should be submitted: in person at the Secretary’s Office of the Anthropos School (Rynek St. Miasta 29/31, room 43) or by e-mail:

Submission deadline : 26the Nov. 2019

Announcement of results: 1st Dec. 2019


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